Audio Mixer

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Audio Level

Pro Level
+4 dBu
1.228 VRMS
1.736 Vpeak
Consumer Level
-10 dBV (-7.79 dBu)
0.316 VRMS
0.447 Vpeak

Op Amps

e.g. NE5532 (dual), NE5534 (single), OP275 (dual)

see Operationsverstärker / SMD SMT

Mic/Line Pre Amp


  • Mic: +10 .. +60 dB
  • Line: +10 ... +40 dB

Line: balanced or unbalanced

Mixer Mic+Line Ch schem.png

Stereo Line Pre Amp

Gain: -20..+20 dB

Mixer Stero Line PreAmp.png

Aux Send Amp

Required universally to send out signals from "any" point of the circuit:

AuxSend schem.png

Side Chain Amp


  • MPF102 Transistoren, instead of 10k,log Poti