Portal as a Service Business Model

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ReST Web GUI Framework

The JS framework enables portal web GUIs is free, open source and without limitations or restrictions:

  • define portals with pages and views on pages
  • integrated plug ins:
    • forms
    • tables / lists
    • content
    • navigation tabs and links
    • i18n
    • oauth2
    • ...
  • ready to use samples
  • documentation

The ReST Web GUI Framework is published on GitHub with "MIT license".

ReST Web GUI - SaaS

The SaaS offering is a hosted solution based on "ReST Web GUI Framework".

In addition to the basic framework this SaaS contains:

  1. User Self-Registration
  2. Tenant based portal management
  3. Visual browser based page views layout editor
  4. View templates
  5. CORS proxy
  6. Usage statistics

SaaS Pricing

  1. Free sign up:
    • 3 portals (a max 5 pages): free
    • 100 page views per month: free
  2. Pro upgrade: 5 Eur (once)
    • unlimited portals with unlimited pages per portal
    • 0.029 EUR per portal page view
    • Email support
    • SLA: 99.9% uptime*, otherwise 50% price discount
      *) on monthly bases: uptime = ( "Maximum Available Minutes" - "Downtime minutes" ) / "Maximum Available Minutes" x 100