PoNG Module: I18N

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This module is a uses header hook to add internationalization (= i18n) support to PoNG.

Please have a look at the other standard modules coming with PoNG.

Important: This module inserts a language switch in the header. The internationalization itself is not in the module.

Usage in "structure"

Simply add a action to the actions array with "type": "modal-form"

Example structure file extract:

  "layout": {
     "header": [
        "modules" : [ { "id": "Lang", "type": "i18n", "param": { "langList": ["EN","DE","FR"] } } ] 

There is a small flag icon in the header to switch the language. The icons are country icons, so if you want to assign a flag to a language code, please rename the flag PNG to the <lower case lang code>.png

How to internationalize your module or page.