PoNG Module: Help Dialog

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This module enables you to add a modal help dialogs to any resource in PoNG.

Please have a look at the other standard modules coming with PoNG.

Usage in "structure"

Simply add a action to the actions array with "type": "modal-form"

Example structure file extract:

  "layout": {
     "rows": [
       "rowId": "bla",
       "resourceURL": "XYZ",
       "actions" : [ { "actionName": "My Simple Help", "type": "pong-help" }, ... ]

Help resource

The referenced help file may be a simple HTML fragment. For example:

 <p>This is a help example.</p>
 <p>You can add help easily to any resource.</p>

The content of the help dialog DIV will be filled GET request to /svc/<resourceUrl/help.

Example Result



To customize, you need to know, that the the content of the help in embedded in a DIV of class pong-help